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KunShan Tai Yi Yuan machine CO.,LTD Is the design, manufacture, production in one of the vibrating screen, magnetic separator, permanent magnetic separator, with the exception of the major iron production plant. The use of automatic filter shaker filter screen can be a variety of different types of continuous particle size (screening 2 Head - 500 mesh), precise screening, allows the same product specifications. Magnetic separator based on the use of dry powder and divided into serous type; based on a different mode of operation is divided into semi-automatic operation and automatic operation; based on magnetic field strength is divided into different 10000GS, 15000GS, 18000GS, 25000GS. Product range and can meet the different needs of various industries, and actually used for your request, provide you with customized services and solutions that you really need to address the problem, the lifting of your worries in order to further enhance your product competitive in the marketplace. Design of the company's products, well-election materials, advanced production technology, has won several national patents. With strong technical force, high-quality products and perfect after-sales service to win the ceramics, mining, chemical industry, electronics, food, paper, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, plastics, rubber, grinding, environmental protection, sewage treatment industry, such as magnetic election, with the exception of iron, screening, grading, filtering, production and delivery of hundreds of processing and other industries rely on the user's agreement. Companies adhering to the "quality first, credit first, service first" business philosophy, "to the quality of survival, reputation and development" to make every effort to provide customers with higher quality, more powerful products.




手 機:13776305991(微信同號)

電 話:86-512-57504728

傳 真:86-512-50171847

Q Q:48349246

郵 箱:youmoerdai@163.com

地 址:江蘇省昆山市玉山鎮前進西路1078號

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